Online Marketing Strategy and Performance

Have you been struggling with your online marketing efforts? Not sure if what you are doing concerning online marketing, such as your website, social media, online advertising, SEO and more is producing results? Have you decided it’s just an expense? Are you measuring the results from your online marketing efforts?

Most likely you’ve ask yourself these questions and more while wondering whether you had the answers to them. Making online marketing work for you and your business and/or organization is both a science and art. You are constrained by your resources, such as time and money, as well as access to the technical know-how and experience. These questions and constraints often lead to not only frustration on your behalf, but in addition the expenditure of your funds without knowing whether that expenditure is paying off.

Remember, online marketing is the leveraging of digital assets, such as your website, social media, paid online advertising and more to achieve a desired action, such as an online purchase, phone call, a visit to your store, consumption of content, etc…, from your target audience, which may very well be your customers. Engineering this process is both a science and an art.

How We Can Help You With Your Online Marketing Efforts

We work with select businesses and organizations to make sure their online marketing efforts work for them and produce results. This is done through a formula and 20 years of experience in the field. The services we offer are structured to ensure your online marketing efforts are aligned for success. These services include:

The in-depth holistic online marketing audit. This audit will assess your business’s or organizations digital footprint, the digital media landscape as its applicable to it and an analysis of your competitors. The audit will discover what needs fixing and addressing within the online environment in which your business operates. It is critical that you are operating from a solid online foundation otherwise your online marketing efforts will be in vain.

Clearly defining your business’s or organizations goals and objectives and how online marketing can help reach them. Your goals and objectives can be simple and narrow to complex and wide ranging. Online marketing can help in many ways for reaching your goals and objectives. Aligning your online marketing efforts to your objectives and goals is critical.

Ensuring that a online marketing measurement plan and mechanism is designed and put in place. It is essential that you are measuring your online marketing efforts to ensure what you are doing is working as well as for use in making adjustments to the overall online marketing plan. If you aren’t measuring your efforts, then most likely you are wasting your resources of time and money.

Developing a flexible and appropriate online marketing strategy for achieving your objectives and goals. The strategy will define how the laid out objectives and goals will be reached through online marketing.

Before embarking on and/or making changes to your online marketing efforts, we encourage you to understand how you can prepare for online marketing. By taking the time to ask yourself some fundamental questions, you’ll save both time and money in the long run.

You can learn about how we can help you by visiting our services page.

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